Furniture Reupholstery &  Furniture Restoration

Proudly Serving Westlake, Bay Village & Cleveland, OH Suburbs

Quality antique furniture is made to last and we find often times the older antique furniture is made better than most newly manufactured pieces. We specialize in upholstery services for all stages of the furniture reupholstery &restoration craft, though our services stretch far beyond that. Once the fabric and material is removed from a piece of antique furniture the frame is exposed. We then retie and replace springs that need attention and have lost their resiliency while tightening up loose joints in the frame itself.  We replace old and worn out batting with quality cottons, batting, and high density foam. After the foundation is secure we then apply the new fabric pulling it taught over the new materials and matching patterns as we upholster and sew. We have re-upholstered for residential antique home furniture, commercial furniture, outdoor furniture, and marine purposes and can handle any size project. Reupholstering replaces worn fabrics and materials, modernizing your older furniture pieces, and transforming them to match the décor of your home. It has the ability to make your outdated sofa, ottoman, antique settee, wing chair, and more feel and look like new again.

At Fabric Showcase, we offer a large selection of quality upholstery fabrics in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials to accompany your treasured furniture. We offer over 2,000 lines of resilient fabrics from the most renowned suppliers, all at competitive prices.

Furniture Reupholstery Westlake, OH
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