Wall Tiles

Spruce Up Your Walls

Are you looking for new ways to add your own personal touch to your home or living space? Many people say that your home and décor are extensions of who you are, so if you’re looking to personalize your space and make it truly your own, call Fabric Showcase today! 

We offer a variety of ways to customize your home or property. One of our popular services includes wall tiles. Make your room look comfy and cozy with wall tiles made of leather, vinyl, or fabric.

Headboards & More

Headboards are a great way to make your room look more finished and sophisticated. Without a headboard, your bed may appear to be displaced in your own room. Customized headboards ensure that you get the best possible fit and style for your headboard. 

We have leather, vinyl, or fabric wall tiles, and we can customize your headboard just the same. Whether you’re looking to have a custom tufted headboard or a leather creation, we can do it all! Just give us a call to discuss your preferences and design style, and we’ll work on a headboard design that you love. From there, we’ll help you select the best fabric to suit the design, and we’ll create your custom piece. Call us today to get started!
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